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Why gCC invested in OpenSea

By Miko Matsumura, Evan Mair and Ray Zhang Today, our portfolio company, OpenSea announced a $23M funding round led by…

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Zilliqa Capital, a conversation with the founders

0:00 Welcome 2:02 Amrit Kumar Technical Founder 5:03 Michael Conn Business Founder 10:33 Sharding and a new Smart Contract Language 16:03 How do you build an ecosystem? 21:54 The Zilliqa advantage 27:54 Zilliqa Capital Investment Strategy 33:44 Pragmatism 36:42 Team and collaboration 41:08 Zilliqa technical vision 43:58 Zilliqa mission 50:46 Upcoming milestones Why did you…

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Rari Capital DeFi Risk Data Platform

0:00 Welcome 1:18 Bitcoin Price Action 4:25 Risk ON vs Risk OFF capital 6:11 David Lucid, Technical Founder 7:19 Jai Bhavnani, Founder 8:40 Smart Contract Design 10:31 How does Rari Work? 13:37 How is risk managed? 14:46 Risk Score Factors 19:04 Smart Contract Audits 22:12 How Risk Score is Computed 24:30 Rari as a risk…

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IntoThe Block Blockchain Analytics and Algorithmic Trading with CEO Jesus Rodriquez

Welcome 0:00 Welcome 3:49 What is IntoTheBlock? 6:00 Traction numbers 8:14 What quant strategies work and dont in Crypto? 10:37 Sources of Inspiration 12:41 The Future of Blockchain 16:40 How to improve AMM 19:39 Evolutionary Algorithms 23:16 DeFi Quant Trading 28:35 Sam Bankman Fried 30:30 DeFi Analytics 33:03 How do users get access to DeFi…

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How to invest with BlockGeeks founder Dmitry Buterin

0:00 Welcome 1:35 Growing up in the Soviet Union 3:46 Who is Blockgeeks for? 5:31 Blockgeeks Investor Curriculum 9:43 Personal Bias towards Ethereum 16:32 The early culture of Ethereum 22:54 My World View 28:42 Join the Blockgeeks and learn how to invest in crypto! 31:53 Where does freedom and joy come from? Dmitry on the…

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Bitcoin and Crypto Taxes with Zenledger CEO Pat Larsen

0:00 Welcome 1:43 The problems with crypto tax accounting 2:45 Crypto IRS stories 4:58 Important tax case studies and stories to understand 8:19 What the IRS cares about 10:46 What get’s the attention of the IRS? 13:22 What will you look like when the IRS eventually comes to take a look? 14:56 Real world customer…

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DeFi Vaults with Enzyme (formerly Melon) Founder Mona Elisa

Video Index 0:00 Welcome 1:58 What Problem do you Solve? 9:57 What about rogue fund managers? 15:20 Investor Relations in DeFi 17:28 Traction numbers 19:37 What is the SECRET to Enzyme? 22:13 Where do you get your motivation from? (best answer) 31:42 Big idea: Alternative Financial System 33:52 Upcoming Roadmap 36:06 Why Sulu? 38:24 Pocket…

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DeFi with Alpha Finance Labs (Alpha Homora) Founder Tascha Punyaneramitdee

0:00 Welcome 9:27 traction numbers 11:11 Where does the name Alpha Homora come from? 13:12 How does Alpha Homora work? 16:52 Collateralization 18:46 Risk Characteristics 20:51 Version 2 23:06 Sources of Inspiration 25:03 Roadmap 27:00 Order Books 29:04 Tokenized Positions 31:10 DPI Defi Pulse Index 33:33 Shout out to Andre Cronje 35:56 The Iron Bank…

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DeFi Risk Tokens with Barnbridge Founder Tyler Ward

0:00 Welcome 2:27 About Tyler 5:11 What Problem does BarnBridge solve? 17:39 Traction numbers 22:48 What’s the advantage 32:59 Sources of Inspiration 35:57 Credit to Vitalik, Lubin, others 42:06 Kain Warwick’s brothers

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NFT Gaming with Axie Infinity

Video Index: 0:00 Welcome 1:23 What is Axie Infinity? 3:07 Why play Axie? 6:10 Crypto Kitties and Origins 8:24 The Future of Axie 10:23 Gas Prices and Friction 12:55 Geography and Users 18:40 DeFi and Axie 21:55 Incentives 24:18 Governance 45:03 Ronin, new Axie Blockchain What is Axie? Axie is a movement disguised as a…