Blockchain Scaling Ethereum with SKALE CEO Jack O’Holleran

SKALE is a novel EVM and Ethereum compatible scalability layer.
Video INDEX:
1) What is SKALE
2) Current SKALE network status 135 nodes https:/)
3) Ethereum compatible scaling, pay in ETH
4) Why developers should choose SKALE for ETH scalability
5) Killer Applications for SKALE
6) Applications for the real world
7) “Salesforce” CRM on blockchain
8) A DAO to replace Amazon Web Services
9) Filecoin, SIAcoin, Storj, S3 Storage on Chain
10) Polkadot substrate, cosmos IBC and the future of cross-chain integration
11) The importance of ecosystem compatibility and toolchain like metamask
12) Technical origins of SKALE and the Java Virtual Machine
13) DeFi, governance and incentives
14) Where are we in the evolution of DeFi? The “Cambrian Explosion”
15) Parallels to the “sharing economy” and the rise of Uber and AirBnB
16) How scaling breaks everything open
17) Lack of trust is expensive
18) Bitcoin and why Bitcoin matters

Author: Miko