Celsius (CEL) with CEO Alex Mashinsky

Here I interview Alex Mashinsky and Nuke Goldstein of Celsius Network.

Disclosure: I am an advisor to Celsius.

Celsius (CEL) is a simple way to earn interest on Bitcoin, Ether and many other popular cryptocurrencies. It features a simple mobile app.

For those folks for whom self-custody is too complicated and DeFi is too complicated, I often encourage them to take a look at Celsius. As with all financial services related to blockchain, don’t take ANY investment advice from people on the Internet and do your own homework.

Celsius is not DeFi (Decentralized Finance) but rather CeFi (Centralized Finance) but it does allow users to gain compounding interest on their blockchain based cryptographic assets. The service is comparable to BlockFi but it has several interesting advantages including earning increased interest rates in the CEL token. This feature is only available outside the US though.

Enjoy this episode of the MikoBits show with some great thinkers in the Blockchain space.

Author: Miko