DeFi BZX Kyle Kistner Third Episode

1) It’s Different This Time: Criminal Indictment of BitMex
2) DOJ is involved so Jail Time
3) Contents of the Sealed Indictment
4) Implications of BSA Enforcement for DeFi
5) What happens to privacy coins and privacy tech
6) DEX isn’t Safe: How they got EtherDelta
7) Custody and Money Laundering
8) Binance could be next
9) Why IP Blocking isn’t Enough
11) Anonymity and DeFi
12) Three Levels of DeFi Involvement
13) Security and Battle Tested Smart Contracts
14) Self Insurance: Incentive Problems with Nexus Mutual
15) BZX, the largest self insurance payment in DeFi
16) Next Steps for BZX Liquidity
17) The Future of Governance Tokens: Cash Flow
18) Art is just money laundering for the rich:
19) Ponzis are a growth catalyst for DeFi


Author: Miko