Stellar Lumens (XLM) with Justin Rice of SDF, the Stellar Development Foundation

0:00 welcome
1:23 How did you join Stellar?
3:32 What does Stellar Development Foundation do?
5:21 What is Stellar?
7:30 About Jed McCaleb
9:58 USDC and other exciting projects on Stellar
13:36 Grants and other Foundation activities
16:37 What makes Stellar XLM Unique?
19:19 Nodes and incentives
21:37 How did you get involved?
24:46 The Big Vision for Stellar: Equitable Access
28:03 Free Software is Patient
29:36 State Actors in Crypto
30:58 The Policy team at SDF
32:23 Regulatory Uncertainty
34:34 The Road Ahead for XLM and SDF
37:49 Country Pairs and Remittance
40:07 Stellar Ecosystem
43:44 NFT on Stellar?

Stellar is is a platform that connects all the world’s currencies. Once a currency is tokenized. And represented on the network, the network infrastructure makes it really easy to hold, transfer, trade, and transmute any kind of currency. But stellar is built. So that essentially, asset issuance is a first class representation on stellar and asset as a first class thing on stellar. So in a few lines of code, anyone can come issue an asset on the network. And then there are also ecosystem standards that allow people to connect those on app on network assets to networks to assets outside the network. In other words, it’s really easy to build an on off ramp for fiat currency that connects to stellar. And so essentially, what the stellar model is that all these different organizations, we call them anchors, which are regulated financial institutions, they essentially accept consumer deposits on via traditional rails and digitize those issue an asset on a stellar network. And once it’s on the network, the holder of that asset can take advantage of it, to do these really cheap, fast, easy and compliant cross currency payments. So the infrastructure itself is great for that. But the connection that is sort of specified in these ecosystem standards, allows the stellar network to connect to other financial infrastructure. And again, traditionally, that’s banking rails, but you can also connect it to other cryptocurrency networks, or really, to any asset in the real world that you can redeem, that you can sort of deposit for on network asset and redeem in return for the asset that represents


Author: Miko