Initiate gCC analytic process

gumi cryptos capital one of the top blockchain vcs

Please take a few minutes to ensure that we have enough information to properly evaluate next steps for your investment opportunity. Thank you for your patience with this step. gCC is a venture capital firm that invests in Blockchain-only early stage startups.

docsend, dropbox, google drive, must be a URL link. please ensure that the deck is available at this link and doesn’t expire before we get to see it.
We care about who you are and your professional history. Please supply a URL to linkedin. If no linkedin profile just put any link to a CV or homepage or any info about the main technical founder
Optional if you want to include another linkedin link to a cofounder please do so here.
optional link to project website
optional please include your email address so we can reply to you
optional please include your telegram handle so we can reach out if needed
Please describe succinctly what problem you solve and who you solve it for
Optional We know you have a choice of funding partners. Are there any specific reasons why you are attracted to work with gCC in particular?
Optional Please explain how much you plan to raise in this current round. (e.g 1M USD 500k etc)
Optional: How much money has been raised so far in the history of the project or company since inception. You can explain who you raised from if you like as well as the post-money valuation of the last round.