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Why gCC invested in YGG

Why gCC invested in YGG, or Yield Guild Games. YGG Update YGG recently announced a $1.3M seed round raised with…

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NFT meets DeFi Yield Guild Games: Play to Earn Gaming

⏱️TIMESTAMPS⏱️ 0:00 Welcome 0:51 What is YGG? 2:17 yEarn is king 3:17 Compound Finance 4:00 Compound Blockchain 5:11 Origins of YGG: Axie Infinity 8:11 Games waste your time 9:28 UBI and Andrew Yang 10:46 Play to Earn Gaming 13:03 Pokemon, Magic and eSports 14:50 Scaling to Millions of blockchainers 17:11 $100k USD Axies 19:29 Building…

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DeFi Governance with Consensys Ventures Praneeth

⏱️TIMESTAMPS⏱️ 0:00 Welcome 4:16 Governance and Nature 10:30 Inevitability of Collapse 14:18 Isolation vs Coordination 18:19 Coordination 21:31 Fiduciaries 27:06 Dictatorships vs Democracies 33:15 Reputation Systems 36:36 But it will collapse anyway 37:56 Transparency 40:30 KYC and Persistent Identity 41:37 Voting and Contribution History 49:15 Fairness 52:52 Predatory Behavior

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DeFi JavaScript Smart Contracts with Agoric

Talk with Dean Tribble CEO of Agoric Timestamps 0:00 Welcome 1:19 History of Agoric 2:06 The First Smart Contracts 3:20 What is a Smart Contract? 4:51 Code is Law 6:04 Automated Economy 8:53 Coordination of Economic Activity 11:35 Pluggable Governance 14:10 Sex 16:41 Recombinant Money Legos 24:11 Zero Knowledge 28:39 Smart Contracts in JavaScript 33:01…

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DeFi Opium Decentralized Derivatives Exchange

opium is a long running and exciting Derivatives exchange. Learn more from founder and CEO of Opium and get two announcements about the new Insurance products! 0:00 introduction 1:53 How Opium Started 3:43 Why switch from CeFi to DeFi 9:09 Announcing Insurance Products 15:41 Where can users buy Opium Insurance 16:47 What if Tether Collapses?…

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NFTs with CoinFund’s Jake Brukhman

Index: 1) Timing and Exponential growth of NFTs Art, Collectibles, Games, Financial Assets: history going back to “rare Pepes” and timing 2) Art could be a breakthrough for non-blockchain mass adoption. Non-technical and non-blockchain artists are joining and making a full-time living 3) Coinfund’s investment thesis around NFT–liquid Intellectual Property: the wholesale migration…

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DeFi BZX Kyle Kistner Third Episode

Index: 1) It’s Different This Time: Criminal Indictment of BitMex 2) DOJ is involved so Jail Time 3) Contents of the Sealed Indictment 4) Implications of BSA Enforcement for DeFi 5) What happens to privacy coins and privacy tech 6) DEX isn’t Safe: How they got EtherDelta 7) Custody…

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DeFi both Institutional and Retail

Great conversation with Aya Kantorovich from FalconX. Discussion of the state of regulation, CeFi vs DeFi, BitMex, AML, AMM, liquidity etc. * DeFi opening finance and democratizing market accessibility for retail * CEX, DEX, or the same? Crypto juggling labels and what it means for traders. * Liquidity! Centralized and decentralized, what differentiates AMMs (Automated…

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DeFi OUSD Origin Protocol Yield Stable Coin

A discussion with Josh Fraser who is a founder of Origin Protocol. Origin has launched oUSD which is a stable coin with very interesting properties. Video Index: 1) How did Origin and OUSD get started? 2) How does OUSD work? 3) Can the OUSD balance also go down? 4) How does gas…

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DeFi Yield Farming with Joshua Lapidus

A fun discussion about pickle and a number of other DeFi projects and the state of Yield Farming. As you know, ETH gas prices are down and it seems that there is a decreased amount of yield farming going on. He is @JSLapidus on twitter, please check him out! He’s working on a cool project…