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Why gCC invested in OpenSea

By Miko Matsumura, Evan Mair and Ray Zhang Today, our portfolio company, OpenSea announced a $23M funding round led by…

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DeFi OUSD Origin Protocol Yield Stable Coin

A discussion with Josh Fraser who is a founder of Origin Protocol. Origin has launched oUSD which is a stable coin with very interesting properties. Video Index: 1) How did Origin and OUSD get started? 2) How does OUSD work? 3) Can the OUSD balance also go down? 4) How does gas…

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NFT OpenSea Non Fungible Token Exchange

I interview Alex Atallah who is the Founder and CTO of OpenSea, the world’s biggest and best exchange for Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs which are collectible unique digital assets like Crypto Kitties.