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Why gCC Led the $3M round into OpenFort

World-class team pursuing a programmable vision for web3 gaming account abstraction and wallet management Thesis In 2022, 7.6B of venture…

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Why gCC led the 4.2M round into Ethos

Here’s the coverage of the announcement on TheBlock The Move Ecosystem After several meetings with Evan Cheng, the CEO…

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Why gCC invested in Lit Protocol

We believe that we are still in the early days of the use of NFT technologies. The role of gumi…

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Why gCC invested in

The rise of the Metaverse We’ve been studying the emergence of DAOs especially with our investment in Yield Guild Gaming…

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Why gCC invested in Bling

Company Update Bling has over 5 Million users, over 1M monthly active users and almost 200k daily active users. It…

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Why gCC invested in YGG

Why gCC invested in YGG, or Yield Guild Games. YGG Update YGG recently announced a $1.3M seed round raised with…

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Why gCC invested in OpenSea

By Miko Matsumura, Evan Mair and Ray Zhang Today, our portfolio company, OpenSea announced a $23M funding round led by…

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NFT meets DeFi Yield Guild Games: Play to Earn Gaming

⏱️TIMESTAMPS⏱️ 0:00 Welcome 0:51 What is YGG? 2:17 yEarn is king 3:17 Compound Finance 4:00 Compound Blockchain 5:11 Origins of YGG: Axie Infinity 8:11 Games waste your time 9:28 UBI and Andrew Yang 10:46 Play to Earn Gaming 13:03 Pokemon, Magic and eSports 14:50 Scaling to Millions of blockchainers 17:11 $100k USD Axies 19:29 Building…

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NFTs with CoinFund’s Jake Brukhman

Index: 1) Timing and Exponential growth of NFTs Art, Collectibles, Games, Financial Assets: history going back to “rare Pepes” and timing 2) Art could be a breakthrough for non-blockchain mass adoption. Non-technical and non-blockchain artists are joining and making a full-time living 3) Coinfund’s investment thesis around NFT–liquid Intellectual Property: the wholesale migration…

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NFT OpenSea Non Fungible Token Exchange

I interview Alex Atallah who is the Founder and CTO of OpenSea, the world’s biggest and best exchange for Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs which are collectible unique digital assets like Crypto Kitties.