NFTs with CoinFund’s Jake Brukhman

1) Timing and Exponential growth of NFTs Art, Collectibles, Games, Financial Assets: history going back to “rare Pepes” and timing
2) Art could be a breakthrough for non-blockchain mass adoption. Non-technical and non-blockchain artists are joining and making a full-time living
3) Coinfund’s investment thesis around NFT–liquid Intellectual Property: the wholesale migration and transformation of the Internet model towards ownership
4) Lessons learned from operating Jake’s Digital Art Gallery online: Authenticity, counterfeit art, true ownership
5) How far are we in rebuilding the Internet around ownership? Gateways to the real word, advertisemetn? CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, Async
6) Politics, Trust, Privacy, Fake News, Voting, Authenticity: NFT’s as a way of tackling some of the hard issues facing society
7) How is authenticity handles in real-world art world historically? 40 page documents that certify authenticity that you still cant even trust
8) How camera hardware makers could use digital signatures to authenticate photography
9) Provenance, immutable digital history, ownership history, intellectual property supply chains
10) Browser cookies for the real world: Grateful Dead mix tapes, tickets, proof of attending events
11) Miko: Relics and Authenticity
12) How many people REALLY attended Trump’s inauguration? How digital authentication, anonymity, privacy, cryptographic signatures, NFTs, Blockchain can help with problems like this.
13) Miko: How the gaming world, AR, VR, are providing leadership for these new experiences: World of Warcraft
14) Digital Scarcity
15) When does Banksy come into NFTs and what would he do?
16) What are the most expensive and valuable examples of digital art NFTs?
17) Elitza Rodriguez, POC, Osavage
18) How much do NFT digital artists cater or pander to Bitcoin fans?
20) What about Music and Audio segment of the NFT industry?
21) The Adult content, porn and NFT Spank Chain, OnlyFans, Patreon

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Author: miko