DeFi on Tezos with the Tezos Founders

tezos founders

Video Index:
1) Arthur Breitman shares his origin story of Tezos
2) Kathleen Breitman shares her origin story
3) Arthur: Tezos as “Coordination Mechanism” for Open Source governance
4) Governance and Fair Funding of Open Source
5) Miko: “Loot Drama” has existed since before the Bronze Age
6) The DAO Hack, SUSHI DeFi rug pull other problems
7) Gaming–how crypto people learn about economics first hand
8) Arthur comments on Societie Generale and their Central Bank Digital Currency project on Tezos
9) Kathleen on CDBC
10) What about DeFi on Tezos?
11) Kathleen: Opportunities for NFT
12) Arthur: DeFi what will “die” and what will survive
13) Arthur: A bit on self-custody and the metaphor of crypto as a nation, what are its imports and export products?
14) the ficticious Oracle Problem in blockchain
15) What is Zero-Sum vs Positive Sum in blockchain?
16) What happens next in DeFi and Tezos?

Interesting piece where Arther Breitman and Kathleen Breitman the founders of Tezos talk about their perspectives on DeFi.

it’s quite rare to get an appearance of both of the founders in one sit down!

I do want to let viewers know that this show is about a conversation, not an interview. So we all talk and enjoy one another’s company. We just happen to be sharing this conversation with the public.

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Author: miko