DeFi Opium Decentralized Derivatives Exchange

opium is a long running and exciting Derivatives exchange. Learn more from founder and CEO of Opium and get two announcements about the new Insurance products!

0:00 introduction
1:53 How Opium Started
3:43 Why switch from CeFi to DeFi
9:09 Announcing Insurance Products
15:41 Where can users buy Opium Insurance
16:47 What if Tether Collapses?
21:43 Yield Farming
23:34 10,000% Yield
26:56 Another announcement!
31:04 Is Code Law?
34:27 Derivatives is a HUGE market
37:23 Hardcore: Code is Law
40:14 is DeFi the Wild West?
44:47 how to be Idiot Proof Protocol
47:37 You still need some regulation
50:10 Antifragility
52:36 Why it’s hard to be less stupid

Author: Miko