DeFi Opium Decentralized Derivatives Exchange

opium is a long running and exciting Derivatives exchange. Learn more from founder and CEO of Opium and get two announcements about the new Insurance products!

0:00 introduction
1:53 How Opium Started
3:43 Why switch from CeFi to DeFi
9:09 Announcing Insurance Products
15:41 Where can users buy Opium Insurance
16:47 What if Tether Collapses?
21:43 Yield Farming
23:34 10,000% Yield
26:56 Another announcement!
31:04 Is Code Law?
34:27 Derivatives is a HUGE market
37:23 Hardcore: Code is Law
40:14 is DeFi the Wild West?
44:47 how to be Idiot Proof Protocol
47:37 You still need some regulation
50:10 Antifragility
52:36 Why it’s hard to be less stupid

Information is provided for general educational purposes only. This presentation is not an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of offers to buy securities. Nothing contained herein constitutes investment or other advice nor is it to be relied on in making an investment decision. For more important information, please see disclaimer

Author: miko