DeFi JavaScript Smart Contracts with Agoric

Talk with Dean Tribble CEO of Agoric
0:00 Welcome
1:19 History of Agoric
2:06 The First Smart Contracts
3:20 What is a Smart Contract?
4:51 Code is Law
6:04 Automated Economy
8:53 Coordination of Economic Activity
11:35 Pluggable Governance
14:10 Sex
16:41 Recombinant Money Legos
24:11 Zero Knowledge
28:39 Smart Contracts in JavaScript
33:01 ETH Gas Prices are Broken
35:20 Staking Mechanisms
37:57 Incentives
39:59 Chainlink and Agoric
46:18 Law is Law
48:36 Security
52:47 Why Agoric is Disruptive

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Author: miko