NFT meets DeFi Yield Guild Games: Play to Earn Gaming

0:00 Welcome
0:51 What is YGG?
2:17 yEarn is king
3:17 Compound Finance
4:00 Compound Blockchain
5:11 Origins of YGG: Axie Infinity
8:11 Games waste your time
9:28 UBI and Andrew Yang
10:46 Play to Earn Gaming
13:03 Pokemon, Magic and eSports
14:50 Scaling to Millions of blockchainers
17:11 $100k USD Axies
19:29 Building the Metaverse Economy
22:38 YGG Guild Leveling System
26:04 No Blockchain Experience Needed
28:34 From Subsistence Farming to Land Owner
30:27 Selamat “Thank You” Axie
33:15 eSports
33:48 Cryptographic Custody
36:43 YGG small company, big community
38:11 yEarn SUSHI Curve and AMM
40:06 YGG: Largest Credit Union on Earth?
41:18 DeFi not just for whales.

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Author: miko