Getting your startup funded by gumi Cryptos

Hello, Miko here.

I am a General Partner with gumi Cryptos. We are one of few providers of early stage crypto funding for startups (we fund in USD but the projects we fund are crypto related), and we would like to help entrepreneurs understand the process and how to work with gumi Cryptos to get funding for your startup.

Therefore we want to provide a step-by-step overview of our process so we can set expectations and do business according to our values.


0) Make sure your investment opportunity fits our thesis and investment criteria.

  1. Fill out an Application.
  2. Get invited for a Pitch Meeting
  3. Deliver the pitch
  4. gumi Cryptos quick huddle
  5. gumi Cryptos feedback
  6. agree on terms
  7. Due Diligence
  8. Sign Term Sheet
  9. Funding

gumi Cryptos is rapidly becoming a standout funding source for early stage crypto projects. Many of the bigger funds have retreated to later stages and plan to write bigger checks. We tend to write checks of $250,000 to $1,000,000 USD.

Because of the large flow of deals we are experiencing, please be patient with us and please give us feedback on the process of working with us. Thank you.

Information is provided for general educational purposes only. This presentation is not an offer to sell securities or a solicitation of offers to buy securities. Nothing contained herein constitutes investment or other advice nor is it to be relied on in making an investment decision. For more important information, please see disclaimer

Author: miko