Akash Network, Cloud Computing on Blockchain

What is Akash?
Akash is a peer to peer marketplace for cloud computing resources, and a deployment platform for for modern distributed workloads. The big difference of the big value it provides compared to the incumbent (Amazon Web Services or AWS), it’s designed for a very modern developer. So what takes normally 10s of hours on a cloud takes minutes, right? So developers can do more with less. And it is private and permissionless. So there’s no signup, and incredible user experience that you get permissionless networks. And it’s, of course, unstoppable, since that’s becoming more and more important, considering what’s happening today. And, and in a big value is cost. I mean, costs anywhere from two to three X on a normal lower than the Amazons and Googles to Microsoft’s, in some cases, even 10 times slower. So that’s an incredible value proposition.

Video Index:
0:00 Welcome
0:53 What is Akash Network?
2:15 Current state of the Network
5:21 Akash Token is Liquid and Network is Alive
6:29 Linux Containers and Developer Tools
10:44 Who runs the containers?
13:32 How can it be 2-3x cheaper than AWS?
18:23 Inflationary Rewards Mechanism
20:17 Equinix is an exclusive data center provider
20:53 Mainnet Launch Upcoming!
23:59 COSMOS, Solana and other Ecosystems
25:03 INFURA and Bison Trails
25:42 Managed Node Hosting
27:01 Parler, Censorship Resistance and Deplatforming
34:55 Big upcoming features
40:01 High Performance Computing
40:58 Amazon Web Services and Open Source
46:50 Solomon Hykes, Brian Fox and Alex Ellis

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Author: miko