Blockchain Tax with ZenLedger

Another episode of the MikoBits show, a no-BS look at the latest in Bitcoin and Blockchain.

ZenLedger is the fastest and friendliest tax software for cryptocurrency investors and accountants. Built by industry veterans in technology, finance, and accounting, allows you to import transactions, calculate gains and income, and prepare your tax returns.

In this interview with Patrick Larsen the founder and CEO of ZenLedger we talk about:

* Bitcoin and cryptocurrency taxes
* Bitcoin price
* How to pay your taxes on cryptocurrencies
* Macroeconomics
* Helicopters
* Startup Entrepreneurship
* Leadership VS Management

Zenledger is the leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tax software provider.

Patrick is a fascinating guy a former Medevac chopper pilot and commander turned bitcoin and startup entrepreneur.

It’s a very enjoyable episode to learn from Patrick more about what drives him and how he thinks about the blockchain space and its future.

Disclosure: my venture investment fund gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) is an investor in Patrick’s company Zenledger.

Author: Miko