DeFi Oracles with Tellor (TRB)

Interview with Nick Fett CTO of a DeFi Oracle. We talk about macroeconomics at the start so if you want to jump right into the meat click here:

Nick was originally building a Derivatives exchange but required an Oracle. He started building Tellor because he was not happy with any of the other oracle solutions in the market. This video also contains information about other blockchain oracle projects such as Chainlink (LINK) and Band Protocol (BAND).

Nick got his start on the political side of things during the “end the fed” rallies in conjunction with Rand Paul. So a libertarian perspective and one that is concerned about the significant balance sheet of the Federal Reserve.

We begin with a discussion of the macroeconomic climate and the creation of money.

Book reference:
The creature from Jekyll Island

Debt: the first 5000 years

Tellor protocol is a decentralized oracle on Ethereum, previously Nick was working on Daxia, a decentralized derivatives protocol that would provide things like a “Long Bitcoin” token and a “Short Bitcoin” token. In 2017 there were no solutions for this, so Nick started building his own.

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Author: miko