DeFi: Synthetix Derivatives: Meet $SNX Founder Kain Warwick

In this video I interview Kain Warwick the founder of Synthetix.

0:00 Welcome
1:49 Announcing Synthetix on Chainlink
7:23 Derivatives on Synthetix
8:35 DEX Volumes
9:21 SNX, Product or Protocol?
11:33 Decentralization Maximalism
13:49 Optimism and Roll-ups
16:29 Implementation of Optimism
17:40 Smart Contract Audits
20:25 DeFi Insurance
23:15 Mainstream Adoption
26:31 Governance
29:10 Coordination and Creativity
33:35 Vampiric Protocols
36:42 Weaponized Network Effects
39:44 “Defense against the Dark Arts”
41:21 Recombinant DeFi
44:00 Potentially apocalyptic events
47:03 Creative Destruction in DeFi

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Author: miko