DeFi: The Graph Protocol: $GRP Decentralized blockchain data query

Today on MikoBits I interview Tegan Kline of The Graph protocol.

1:38 How did you get into Blockchain?
2:23 What is The Graph?
3:39 Graph Traction Metrics
4:49 How are DeFi projects using The Graph?
5:52 What kinds of Applications?
6:16 How DeFi supercharged The Graph
7:55 GRP. is an ERC-20
8:43 Tegan on DeFi
10:54 Traditional Finance vs DeFi
14:17 Tokens as a new business model
16:28 Tokens as a funding source
17:17 Debunking Ethereum Myths
19:11 Disrupting traditional finance
20:26 Pre-announcing the Graph Token GRP
22:09 When Main Net?
22:55 How do the Token Economics work?
27:26 Chainlink Partner Announcement
28:14 Skale Partner Announcement
29:52 Open Subgraph Creation Announcement
31:48 Why are you excited about The Graph?

We talk about DeFi and some of the new developments happening at The Graph.

Author: Miko