The Pitch Meeting

I know, the pitch meeting is a bit of a cliche, lampooned in media like “Silicon Valley”. But there’s a good reason for this process.

gumi Cryptos is an early stage pre-seed-to-series A investor. As such we are dependent on downstream investors.

We want to see you pitch. This is a skill, and we want to understand that you take this meeting seriously. We want to see that you understand how to do this, and how not to do this. If you’re not able to pitch, this reduces the chances that you’ll be able to successfully grow a large tech company.

We don’t need every company we fund to become exceedingly large, but in order for us to have a successful venture fund, we need at least a few of our portfolio companies to become exceedingly large.

We would like your pitch to take about 30 minutes, and generally provide 10-15 slides that cover the topics in the Sequoia pitch deck template. This is not a lot of time to convey a lot of information, so we look forward to seeing how powerfully you can tell your story.

Here are things to avoid.

  • Coming to the pitch meeting without a pitch
  • No slides, just wanting to talk. This is fine for any kind of meeting OTHER than a pitch meeting. If we invite you to a pitch meeting, we expect you to pitch.
  • If you don’t want to pitch, don’t agree to come to a pitch meeting. We are ok to have other kinds of meetings, but let’s agree ahead of time what the agenda is for the meeting then.

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Author: Miko