Announcing Newest Member of gCC Team

Why now?

Based on our successes investing in the crypto winter of 2018-2019, gumi Cryptos Capital has deep conviction in ambitious “unicorn” style early-stage builders. We believe that the Internet will become the largest single market in human history, and it will be rewritten on a foundation of new protocols that enable value transfer and improve privacy, authentication and verify data and computation. We are proud of our commitment to back early-stage founders. At a time when other VCs are shrinking, we are continuing to actively deploy capital and expand our team.

Hiring Daniel Bronheim

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially added Daniel Bronheim to the gCC team. Daniel has joined as an Investment Analyst, supporting the rest of the gCC team as we build a world class venture capital firm focused on the future of the internet and cryptographic assets.

Daniel’s Background

Prior to gCC, Daniel worked on the venture investment and research arm of a centralized crypto exchange, where he backed early stage crypto startups and facilitated their transitions from primary to secondary markets. He began his career in traditional venture capital, supporting technology entrepreneurs scaling companies based in emerging markets around the world. Daniel’s path into crypto began as a passionate student of economic history and monetary economics, never looking back after first discovering Bitcoin. From these experiences, he has come to deeply believe in the power of exceptional individuals to build technology that advances economies and transforms society. Daniel earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Princeton University.

As part of his role on the investment team, Daniel will focus on sourcing, analysis, and due diligence across numerous verticals, including DeFi, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Gaming and much more. If you are working on an exciting project and are interested in getting in touch with Daniel, please reach out at, or DM him @BronheimDaniel on Twitter/X.

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Author: miko