gCC joins the DeFi Alliance

gCC commitment to DeFi

gCC has a substantial commitment to DeFi to date with investments in 1inch, IDLE finance, Stakewise, Qredo, Origin protocol and VEGA protocol. We are true believers in the future of DeFi and plan to keep actively investing in this space.

How we add value

gCC is an active participant in DeFi governance and voting; we align with founding teams and work to ensure good token economic design, mechanism design, incentives and stakeholder alignment. We have a broad network of smart contract audit partners, market makers, centralized exchange partners and value added partners throughout the DeFi project lifecycle. We also work in-portfolio to develop synergies, and we have a very broad network of contacts throughout the DeFi world thanks to the MikoBits show.

Cohort 4 Applications now open

If you are building a DeFi project, the DeFi Alliance is now accepting applications for Cohort 4 here until May 15th. Over the 6 week program, Cohort members are exposed to top funds, liquidity providers and market makers, as well as builders, industry service providers, thought leaders and other stakeholders who help address key needs for your project. Participation will increase exposure, fine tune product offerings and incentive structures, offer opportunities for fundraising, and help projects bootstrap liquidity. 

We were proud to have one of our portfolio companies, Vega Protocol, participate in Cohort 2, and encourage projects of all stages to apply to this valuable program!

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Author: miko