gumicorns: gumi portfolio Decacorns and Unicorns

In this blog post, gumi Cryptos Capital is recognized as one of the top 10 VC funds in Blockchain. We have coinvested with most of the top investors here including Pantera (VEGA Protocol, Vauld and many more) and Polychain (Agoric and many more) and Coinbase.

We are having an increasing number of “gumiCorns” (Unicorn companies in our portfolio). Having Unicorns and Decacorns as part of the gumicorn family helps solidify gumi Cryptos Capital in the tier 1 of Blockchain Venture Capital.

we hug all of our portfolio companies which are all Decacorns in our hearts.

gumi Cryptos Capital is Tier 1 as seen through investments like OpenSea, in which gCC was an early investor. Opensea recently raised a $23M round led by Andreesen Horowitz (a16z). Joining this round include Naval Ravikant (creator of Angellist and Coinlist), Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks), Balaji Srinivasan (Former Coinbase CTO),Tim Ferris (4 hour workweek), Alexis Ohanian (Cofounder Reddit), Belinda Johnson, Ben Silbermann, Standard Crypto, Linda Xie, Avichal Garg, Flamingo DAO, 3LAU, RAC, Justin Kan, Andrew Steinwold, Metapurse, Bill Lee, 1Confirmation, Pascal Capital, Blockchain Capital, Regan Bozman, Kevin Hartz and Dylan Field from Figma.

This round has been validating to our strategy to invest early and with high conviction based on a deep thesis and strong relationships with world-class entrepreneurs. This investment alone demonstrates the signal-producing power of gCC. While OpenSea is not yet a unicorn, it is healthily on its way to become the dominant provider in the fast growing NFT space. While not yet a unicorn, I can’t help but to mention YGG which is a baby unicorn and a recent investment by gCC.

Our leadership in investing early into OpenSea is a credit to gCC general partner and gumi founder Hironao Kunimitsu whose expertise in gaming, IP licensing, NFT and collectables was the key factor in gumi being so far ahead of the pack on NFTs.

We continue to see incredible hits in our portfolio including Celsius Network which has exceeded $10B in community assets managed as well as being recently independently valued at over $3B. We feel Celsius is well on its way to becoming a “Decacorn” and beyond.

From the DeFi sector, portfolio companies such as have attained market cap of $660M and we feel confident that 1inch with its prolific execution will become a unicorn. In fact the 1inch logo and mascot is a unicorn. And our lead investment in IDLE finance continues to grow and outperform with new all time highs in TVL and while not yet a unicorn we see a bright future. We continue to deploy in DeFi with new investments in Stakewise and many more.

And of course some of our older investments like THETA are attacking the top 10 and is current #12 on coingecko with a market cap exceeding $11.6B so THETA is officially a Decacorn.

So our early conviction and thesis investment style is starting to bear fruit and we continue to see incredibly optimistic signs in our portfolio including upcoming mainnet announcements from VEGA protocol and Agoric. We feel that both projects are destined for Decacorn status.

Very gratifying to see our incredible portfolio CEOs and project founders executing so well. We are humbled to be on a journey with such world-class humans. They are all Decacorns in our hearts.

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Author: miko