Bitcoin and Crypto Taxes with Zenledger CEO Pat Larsen

0:00 Welcome
1:43 The problems with crypto tax accounting
2:45 Crypto IRS stories
4:58 Important tax case studies and stories to understand
8:19 What the IRS cares about
10:46 What get’s the attention of the IRS?
13:22 What will you look like when the IRS eventually comes to take a look?
14:56 Real world customer stories
17:12 Average user has 4 exchanges and.2 wallets
19:01 Why people procrastinate
20:16 How to start with ZenLedger
21:31 on Gamestop and beyond.

What problem does Zenledger solve?
ZenLedger is tax software for holders of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are the official tax partner for eToro Bitcoin and Crypto traders.

Yeah, you know, as you know, it can be really messy people can have multiple crypto accounts. All over the world, you can have five or 10 exchange accounts, you could have lost some crypto in an ICO or in a defunct exchange or just accidentally sending it somewhere, you’ll have several wallets. And then when you try to do your accounting and your financial analysis and your taxes on all this, it’s just going to be a mess, you’re going to lose your cost basis, you’re not going to know your holding period and profit and loss. Over half of our customers us work with a tax professional. And a lot of tax professionals are not up to speed on what crypto is and how crypto is accounted for. So our software can help bridge that gap as well and just prevent present tax professionals with what they’re used to seeing in a profit and loss and forms.

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