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Dmitry on the history and culture of Ethereum
When I look back at the origins of Ethereum. And I look at the number of people who were involved early on. I I do know that they explicitly discussed that one of the things that they were not too happy about. They were all involved in Bitcoin community, right? That was the original crypto community. And, and already, then Bitcoin community sometimes could be abrasive, you know, there was a lot of this kind of like, biting if you will, quality to conversations, right? Yes.

A lot of the people involved in this space? They’re very smart software engineers and such kind of, you have to be smart. It’s hard to develop to code if you’re not. Yeah. And many of those people, they are introverts, right. So they are not really people who want this. Yeah, conflict them, you know, fighting, right. So in some ways, many of them they felt uncomfortable with their Bitcoin community community, because there were so much competitiveness and divisiveness, if you will.

So specifically, when they started Ethereum, they said, Hey, guys, let’s this thing that we tried to build, and which was at that time, you know, just like a pipe dream, right? Oh, let’s build this thing. But they tried to they said, Okay, well, let’s create a community, which is based on openness and inclusivity.

And, and I think this is really, this really became some, you know, those things become crucial aspects of the foundation of the Ethereum community, right. And I have, I have seen this many times, actually, my life because of, you know, building businesses over many years, and looking at companies and looking at my friends, entrepreneurs, whatever you build, project, initiative, business, whatever, it will always be a reflection of, of you as a human being. Right? That always happens, right? And Bitcoin was created by this anonymous person. And so it’s really kind of hard to kind of that person, if you will, the energy that he put into this project, you know, there, there was a lot of this stuff that people tried to carry on. But and if you’re competing specifically, with Alec and some other early people, they had this, they have this energy of openness and inclusivity. Right. And this eventually propagated throughout the community and you know, communities never homogeneous, right, you will always find all kinds of people.

And even if you take one particular person, like, the person is not a static thing. It’s a infinitely complex, dynamic system, which will, you know, react in different ways, depending on the circumstances. But in general, that’s kind of what I have seen. And I have to say that my, the shift and kind of what I’ve been more interested in, in the second, if you will, half of my life, or however much I have left, I’m much less inclined to go deep and look at technologists and analyze, you know, whether this technology is better or not. But I think that I have much better intuition about people. And that’s kind of how I look at this. I look at the project, like, does it feel good to me, you know, does it vibe the right way and I see A lot of really amazing projects, a lot of awesome people. And if you’re in space building cool stuff, and you know, having those cool t shirts, and I’ve been speaking for a long time, but it’s, I’m passionate about this. One of the best events, if you’re in community is ETH Denver Yeah, annual hackathon, which is actually going on right now. And the people behind it, you know, john paul, or Justin moskovitz, and a whole bunch of amazing people, they always do such a great job of having this event, making this event fun, it’s total fun, you know, like, they had like, even this year, when they have to do it online. It’s amazingly, it’s, it’s a lot of fun. And, you know, the way they organize stuff, the way they’re the kind of merchandise you know, the swag and whatnot, like, half of my T shirts from Denver from the last few years, because I love it so much, you know, those got buffalo corns, and whatnot. So yeah, I think that silliness, then having fun, and the power of joy is so much stronger than any kind of, if you will, achievement and success power on even just knowledge, let’s be serious, and let’s kind of know stuff.

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