IntoThe Block Blockchain Analytics and Algorithmic Trading with CEO Jesus Rodriquez

0:00 Welcome
3:49 What is IntoTheBlock?
6:00 Traction numbers
8:14 What quant strategies work and dont in Crypto?
10:37 Sources of Inspiration
12:41 The Future of Blockchain
16:40 How to improve AMM
19:39 Evolutionary Algorithms
23:16 DeFi Quant Trading
28:35 Sam Bankman Fried
30:30 DeFi Analytics
33:03 How do users get access to DeFi Analytics
34:50 Roadmap
37:13 The Value of Intelligence
38:51 Oracles

What is IntoTheBlock
So the idea that the the overarching idea about IntoTheBlock was to enable intelligence for cryptographic assets as a whole class. In traditional capital markets, you’re seeing a lot of movements from traditional vehicles to more machine learning vehicles. So for instance, one funds have been having a horrible three years. So you’re saying funds like Renaissance, everybody’s having a hard time and it’s still, you see a lot of capital fluctuating from discretionary to quant, we’re seeing a proliferation of robo advisors, automated insurance, things like that. So in crypto being 100% of the asset class, you will think that’s the only way this is going to go right all phones are going to require there is going to be 300 million robo advisors. The problem is that the intelligence layer and analytics layer that you need to build those products is still very nascent. So IntoTheBlock was created to solve that problem to enable analytics and intelligence and discover new indicators that could better inform institutional retail investors about the asset class. And now after getting some traction we started building what is called intelligence services on quant strategies and advisory strategies, on top of that analytics layer that is already using all the signals and intelligence that the underlying platform provides.

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