Easy DeFi Dashboard with Zerion Founder Evgeny

0:00 Welcome
1:23 What problem does Zerion solve?
2:58 Traction numbers
4:24 What makes Zerion different?
6:22 Where are we in ETH DeFi?
8:42 Layer 2 scalability
11:25 A custodial Zerion?
15:31 DeFi Self Custody
16:49 Binance Smart Chain
18:41 What is your superpower?
20:23 Secrets of Zerion
22:10 Product Roadmap
26:02 DEX Guru
29:47 Governance
33:18 Balancing Governance Centralization
35:43 Fair Launches Arent Always Fair
40:18 Sources of Inspiration

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Author: Miko