DeFi Made Easy with Zapper Fi Founder Seb

0:00 Welcome
2:06 What’s happening in ETH?
4:32 What problem does Zapper solve?
9:35 Zapper as “Etherscan”
12:44 Traction numbers for Zapper
15:01 Zapper competitive advantage
17:43 Sources of Inspiration
19:11 Elastic Finance
25:03 Pocket Picks!
26:46 Shout Outs
29:12 The Big Idea
36:39 Warren Buffett
44:09 Roadmap

What is Zapper?
So because DeFi is kind of like this open Internet of finance, right. There’s a there’s kind of an explosion of you know, different protocols and product products and defy kind of, you know, popping up. And since everything is kind of shared and open, you know, people kind of experiment here and there, they invest in this platform, they use another and the the immediate problem that comes with that type of usages, it becomes kind of like a mess to be able to track your portfolio and your balances. And my first use case for zapper was actually to solve a problem that I had. And that was a year ago, and I was actually, you know, a user back then still am a user right now. But I was just, you know, checking out in different platforms, putting money here and there. And eventually, it became impossible to like track all my balances. So the goal of zapper is really just to be this one stop shop, this one place where you can really track all your investments that you’re doing in defy, on top of actually being able to do transactions. So the other part that we have solving is, you know, as a user, it can be kind of like hard to kind of see all the opportunities that are going. And even just being able to like, use the different websites can can be like a pretty hindering user experience. So on top of like just being able to read your portfolio, you can actually do transactions directly from zapper so we have the exchange where you can go from token a token B, there’s also the pool section where you can easily add liquidity to a pool from a bunch of different protocols. So there’s uniswap sushi balancer curve, and bancor. And there’s also a farm tab. So it’s really like we’re aggregating a bunch of investment opportunities in one simple UI, that kind of reduces a lot of the overhead and defy which is being able to track everything that’s going on and be like having to move from one website to the other.

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